Jason Morris for Board of Education

“An individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow confines of his individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity” – Martin Luther King, Jr.


The Network for Public Education: "The Network for Public Education is proud to endorse Jason Morris for the New London Board of Education.

…Jason’s top priority if elected is focusing the district on genuine improvements to education that prioritize equity, social justice, and restoring the trust in New London’s professional staff and public education as a whole.

The Network for Public Education believes that parent leaders like Jason are invaluable assets to school boards, which is why we unreservedly endorse Jason’s candidacy. We also hope other parent advocates will follow Jason’s lead and run for their local board as well." Full endorsement


New London resident endorsement:

“Jason Morris has for several years demonstrated noteworthy and praiseworthy citizen participation in his community's public-schools issues, mandates and scope of purview. His perseverance, studios intent and constructive challenge of the status quo have set him apart as a candidate worthy of public support. I would urge fellow New London electors to consider his candidacy an opportunity to forge a constituency for him sufficient to grant him by public will a seat on our school board. He has at least twice been rebuffed by our city's political establishment, which given the state in which our public-school affairs now stand, ought be viewed as to his credit. I look forward to doing whatever I can to assist Mr. Morris in securing a seat on our school board and respectfully urge others who read this mere citizen's endorsement of him to familiarize themselves with the record of his constructive challenge of our city's public-education status quo for the past three years. He is a rare portrait of integrity and civic selflessness, by any standard." Bud Bray



Core Member New London Parent Advocates and School Discipline Working Group

Prior Professor of Information Technology in the U.S. Navy

Navy Submarine veteran, 10 years active, 4 years Reserves

Father of three school-age children


Implementing Restorative Practices across the district to make our schools safer across the board for students and staff, reduce exclusionary discipline methods that harm more than just that student, and increase student learning time for the kids that need it most.

Treating our highly certified professional teachers with the respect they deserve by supporting improvements in workplace conditions that benefit both them and our students like lower class sizes, reduced emphasis on “teaching to the test”, authentic progress assessments, evaluations that are not tied to unfair standardized test scores, and increased funding for classroom materials.

Staying informed on and advocating for the most successful learning methods that are developmentally appropriate, foster and inspire the love of learning, and that support physical, social, and emotional health in every student.

Reducing the amount of standardized tests in the district. I am deeply concerned with the overwhelming influence they have on where we prioritize our limited funding, the reduction of the arts, physical education, experiential learning including field trips, and more that are just as important as reading, writing, math, and science (the tested subjects).

Stewarding the magnet district implementation wisely, making sure the system works how it should for our local students, and ensuring that each of our schools have plenty of community input and opportunities for participation to make them great.


Phone: 860•501•9889
Email: jason@nlgreens.org

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