Mirna Martínez for Board of Education

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember.
Involve me and I learn.” – Benjamin Franklin


New London Board of Education incumbent
M.S. in Bilingual Education
Teacher in Boston, New York City and New London
Co-founder of New London Parent Advocates (NLPA)
Member of Citizens United for a Renaissance in Education (C.U.R.E.)


Set policy to reduce costs by increasing recycling.
Introduced Equity and Diversity policy to ensure fair and equitable opportunities for all students.
Continually sought community input and outreach.
Member of CABE Resolutions Committee.


Ensuring that our all-magnet district addresses the educational needs of New London students.

Involving families and community members in fostering ownership and voice that raises the bar on the quality of education.

Creating educational policies that focus on building students’ innate curiosity rather than standardization.

Narrowing the opportunity gap by reducing class size and providing resources to meet the diverse needs of students.

Creating a collaborative, respectful school environment for students, staff and community members.

Prioritizing school spending where it will directly impact students’ school experience and the quality of education.


Phone: 917•686•1098
FB: facebook.com/mirna.martinez.739978
Email: mirna@nlgreens.org

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