Green & Golden Memorial Project

Chris Nelson lived in the historic home at the corner of Union Street and Greens Alley.

Our friend and neighbor, Chris was a sailor, diver, boat builder, New London Planning & Zoning Commission member, New London Green Party co-founder, lover of education, the sea, basketball and our fair city, who passed away in December 2013.

Chris was passionate about city planning, and spent a lot of his free time detailing plans for New London that were brilliant paths to creating a vibrant, walkable, livable, prosperous city.

To honor Chris and his vision for our city, a group of his friends embarkied on a small mural project at the intersection of Green and Golden Streets.

On Sunday, June 8, NYC artist and former New London resident Denny Rivera, with the participation of community members as well as Chris' friends and family, created a colorful painting within the intersection. View photos from painting day here.

Maintenance of the mural will be provided by the fund that was established for its creation. If you would like to receive updates, please provide us with your name and contact information. We also welcome any level of financial support; checks can be made payable to Green & Golden Memorial Project, and mailed c/o R. Stuller, 19 Evergreen Avenue, New London, CT 06320.

For more information about the Chris Nelson Green & Golden Street Memorial Pavement Mural project, contact Bob Stuller or Lisa Crowley.

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