2023 Municipal Election Results

2023 Municipal Elections

This year's ballot is available!

We invite you to take advantage of opportunities to meet ALL the candidates at forums, meet & greets, and social events, to learn about why they're running and to also let them know what issues are important to you! Download a ballot

Our campaign headquarters is located at 18-20 Masonic Street in downtown New London; as in past years, we invite community members to use the space for meetings, events, and other activities. We will also be beginning regular office hours, so stop in and chat with us! Children welcome!

2023 Green Municipal Candidates

At our two nominating meetings, held on July 15 and August 27, Green Party candidates were endorsed to run in each of this year's municipal races - Leon "Eddie" Long for Mayor, Seanice Austin for City Council, and Keith Kimball for Board of Education.

Here area few photos from our September 9 Campaign Kick-off:

Be sure to vote on Election Day, November 7, 2023! You can register online here:

Mayor – Leon Long

Leon Long currently serves co-chair for the New London Arts Council. In addition to his role as Promotions Director for a prominent local radio station, Leon works with many New London non-profits, bartends downtown, and does freelance graphic design.

Leon is committed to a city government that honors the arts and the cultural creativity and vibrancy of our community. With arts-related enterprises making up nearly 50% of active downtown businesses, New London's plans for economic development need to prioritize the needs of local artists so they can continue to live, work, and showcase their talents here. Affordable residential and commercial spaces created in currently under-utilized buildings would help keep our most creative community members in New London, while supporting a vibrant city that can be enjoyed by longtime residents, newcomers, and visitors.

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City Council – Seanice Austin

Seanice is a 3rd generation New London resident who worked in higher education for 27 years. Since retiring from UConn, she has been building a business in financial services. Her passion lies in community engagement, financial education, and restorative justice.

Seanice believes that city budget priorities are the most important expression of our values; she is committed to moving our government beyond affirmations of inclusiveness to ensuring that New London's economic initiatives and resident services are funded to benefit of everyone and begin to undo traditional inequalities.

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Board of Education – Keith Kimball

Keith is a 30-year New London resident and proud parent of a New London Public School student. He has 20 years experience as a staff accountant for large corporations and has served as treasurer of several nonprofit organizations, including The Friendship School FFO.

Keith is committed to ensuring that our all-magnet district effectively acquires and distributes funds and resources  for all New London students. He will also work to improve the timeliness and quality of communication among NLPS administration, faculty, parents and students.

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